The largest comic book retailer in America is Mile High Comics, located in Denver, Colorado. The warehouse (or mega-store as it is often referred to as) was broken into on on Sunday (May 26th, 2019).

The thief appeared to know what he was looking, as he grabbed some of the most valuable books in the store. The suspect made off with over $42,000 worth of merchandise. There were only fourteen books that were stolen, but they included the first “Avengers”, the first “Iron Man” and a rare autographed “Spider-Man” edition. According to Denver's Fox31, the Avenger's comic alone was worth $14,000. The manager stated a copy of "Justice League of America #1" was also stolen which is valued at $15,000.

As seen in the video above, the burglar cut himself on the broken glass and then proceeded to attempt to clean up the blood with Windex and toilet bowl cleaner.

The store has since updated their security. They also have security footage of the alleged thief. Anyone with information is asked to call the Denver police.

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