Many of us fly out of it when we need to go somewhere that isn’t Wyoming. Now you can know that when you fly out of Denver International Airport, you’re using the 2nd best airport in America based on a new ranking.

The Wall Street Journal does this just about every year. They rank major airports around the country to determine which is best. According to their story, they used 5 different metrics to decide which airport is better than the others. Those factors include time of arrival, fares and value. With all those numbers crunched, Denver International Airport was ranked #2 barely missing out on the top spot that is occupied by Phoenix.

If you break down the different categories, it’s interesting to see where Denver International did excellent while others not so much. For example, they received high marks for value and convenience, but a lower score for reliability.

I have to wonder if accessibility is given much weight in these rankings. If you’ve ever attempted to get in or out of Denver International Airport near Thanksgiving, it’s not for the faint of heart. But, that’s probably true of most airports over that holiday.

Check out the full Wall Street Journal article if you want to see how other transport hubs around the country fared (no pun intended) compared to Denver.

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