With temperatures rising to 50 and then falling to the low 20's you may quickly become frustrated with your outdoor photographs this time of year. Bright sun can erase detail, texture, color intensity and skin tone however you can take certain measures to insure success. This is a great time of year for creating beautiful images. Soft light will give a richer tonal range,deeper color. If you are lucky and have snow you can create  softness in your images and  nice contrast.  Good times of day are morning or afternoon 3:30 or 4pm. Late afternoon / early evening may be beautiful but the light level is actually much lower than your eye can detect. The images above of Lexi are created in the morning . Most cameras, and now the i phone  have  exposure compensation (+/-) and  ISO .  You will need to adjust these  settings for the best results.  To have  even, soft light face your subject away from the sun, cloudy weather is ideal.  You will be using your flash to fill your subject with soft  light. Next you will need to increase your ISO to a range of 400 to 1600. What this does is lessen the severity of the auto  flash setting and increase the detail in your backround.  What will determine the exact ISO will be the level of light you are working with therefore you will need to bracket your shots ( take a photograph at each ISO to determine what looks the best).  You will also bracket with adding light(+)or subtracting it(-) on the exposure comp. setting.  By doing it this way you will find the setting that works best.  Many seasoned photographers when planning important images will go out the day before and experiment so they are better prepared the day of the shoot.  This saves time which is important, sometimes you only have minutes before the sun or wind come full force.

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