The Cowboys will be hosting Fan Appreciation Day too.

We've got more football action this weekend. Does't it feel good to read those words? I hope it feels as good as it did to type them. We're still early in the season, week three for college football, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Although there are not top-ten match ups this weekend, this isn't a week to overlook. This is the point in the season when you should be hitting your stride as a team. The first game jitters are gone and conference play is rapidly approaching. This is when teams should be dotting their I's and crossing their T's.

Wyoming will be returning home with a 2-0 record to host Idaho.

Date: Saturday, September 14

Time: 3 p.m. Mountain Time

Opponent: University of Idaho Vandals

Location: War Memorial Stadium in Laramie

Where to watch: At War Memorial or stream the game on ESPN3

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