Think back to Superbowl XLVIII (in February of this year). Did you root for either the Seahawks or the Broncos? Now let's switch sports to the World Cup. Were you rooting for the USA, Argentina, Germany, or another country?

Let's be honest: do you even care about sports?

For folks in and around Cheyenne, I wonder if it's the same sort of concept for Cheyenne Frontier Days. I mean... for 10 days we host the Daddy of 'Em All. CFD brings out the world's best rodeo champions. Bronc riding. Bareback saddle riding. Steer wrestling. Barrel racing. Bull riding.

You can't get much more country than roping, horses and dirt.

Full disclosure: I know not a darn thing about rodeos. Aside from the fact that this year, during the CINCH rodeo, I got a chance to help choose running order and stock via a new text-based system. I'm what the CFD Committee Chairmen call a "casual" rodeo goer (And I'm from Chicago, so I should get a little leeway. Not many rodeos there!).

Anyone on or around the Frontier grounds has one thing in common for the duration of Cheyenne Frontier Days: cowboy hats, boots, and belt buckles. For the buckle bunnies, add on a jean skirt, short shorts, or dresses. For the cowbros, it's pearl-snap shirts, ripped armholes, or big, big, belt buckles.

Because I've been on the CFD grounds every day to help deliver content to you fine folk, I've noticed that wearing this gear, buying it, and even traveling around town in it is encouraged.

The hardcore, true cowboys don't seem to care that everyone, even those not normally considered western, wear their traditional garb.

Is it because the western culture is more accepting? Because rodeo isn't as competitive as football or soccer? (or is it?). Or do I have this completely wrong? Are there sideways glances being tossed, sneers and mutterings under hushed breaths?

I tend to like it a bit more than hardcore football culture. I rooted for the Broncos, even though my team is the Bears. And I watched---even if it was just for the commercials. What do you think about the western cowboy culture in Cheyenne?

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