A couple on a spelunking trip in Jackson Hole, WY spend nearly two days lost in a maze-like ice cave system just outside of the city in northwest Wyoming. The Jackson Hole News and Guide reports that the man (27) and woman (24) left Idaho Falls to explore a cave system, and family called authorities when they did not return.

Both were near hypothermia and admitted to burning their backpacks and other gear to stay warm in the cave system while they waited for help. Teton County Undersheriff Matt Carr says rescuers found them shivering and unable to move when they helped them out of the cave around 11 p.m. on Sunday, August 12.

The couple was relatively unharmed upon exiting the cave, with the exception of a knee injury the woman had experienced while in the formation. The caves are mostly unmapped, and a well-prepared party found themselves lost in the same formation months earlier, though they were able to make it out on their own power.

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