Crews in Big Horn County, with the help of a Wyoming Army National Guard helicopter, rescued a couple after they were stranded in the Bighorn Mountains for nine days.

According to a news release, a man and a woman from Powell left the Porcupine Falls area last Sunday. After leaving, they ran out of food and water and one of the hikers was experiencing medical issues.

On Monday, the couple was able to make it into cell service and contacted authorities. They were stranded on a rimrock cliff area and could not carry on due to the extremely steep terrain.

Rescue crews were able to make contact with the victims shortly after being called.

But, due to their exhaustion, dehydration and medical conditions, the victims could not be moved. Rescuers packed in food, water and medical supplies and stayed with the victims through the night.

Meanwhile, arrangements were made for a Wyoming Army National Guard helicopter to make a rescue flight in order to evacuate them out. When daylight came, they were hoisted into a helicopter and flown to a waiting ambulance at a nearby highway.

As of Thursday morning, the victims are expected to make a full recovery.

Thank you to the Search and Rescue units for their special efforts to dig in a stay the night, and all they do to help people in Big Horn County," the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office said. "This situation could have had tragic consequences without their rapid response."
Officials remind the public to carry plenty of water and use sunscreen as hot and dry conditions persist through the summer.

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