Two cows were spotted loose from their pasture in Laramie today. The cattle were seen wandering off the 3rd Street exit, headed west at around 10:30 a.m. The cattle appear to be a calf and cow pair.

Jared Newland, Townsquare Media Laramie/Cheyenne
Townsquare Media Laramie/Cheyenne

The cattle have been contained and are safely secured in a temporary pen by the Wyoming Highway Patrol, awaiting pick-up by their owners.



A Reminder on Reporting Road Hazards and Approaching Loose Animals

Laramie residents are encouraged to report road hazards like loose farm animals and wildlife to the Wyoming Highway Patrol. It's critical to avoid approaching loose animals and wildlife to protect yourself and the animal. Lost, injured, and ill animals may defend themselves violently. It's best to contact professionals trained to handle wildlife to ensure neither you nor the animal end up harmed.

For more information on contacting the Wyoming Highway Patrol, click here.

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