Obviously, there are plenty of churches in Colorado but one is so unique that it stands out above the rest. The church is called the International Church of Cannabis.

The church, located at 400 South Logan Street in Denver, has been around since 2017 when it took over the building of an old Lutheran church that was built in the early 1900s but hadn't seen much action in recent years.

To say that this church is unique is an understatement. For example, its interior has been completely repainted with vibrant colors, and attendees congregate together at 4:20 pm to smoke marijuana and share a minute of silence as they meditate.

The form of meditation is called 'elevationism,' which is described as becoming in touch with the spiritual effects of ingesting THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

The church also, appropriately enough, opened on 4/20 of 2017, and I'm sure that wasn't a chance coincidence.

Take a virtual tour of Colorado's International Church of Cannabis:

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There is a church in Colorado dedicated to 'elevationism,' which explores the spiritual effects of marijuana.

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