Wyoming, long stretches of open highway with no towns, no trees, nothing to hide behind when you have to pee.

It's a little easier for a guy. A 4 door car means he can open front and back and stand in between. A two-door means he has to wedge himself between the car and door. But it is manageable. For that matter he can just carry a bottle, so he can drain while driving.

But when a man has to go number 2 he is in the same predicament as the ladies. What is there to hide behind when squatting?

We all know Murphy's Law in this case: "I'll just drive until I don't see any other cars, then I'll stop and take care of business." All seems clear until we assume the position.

The more seasoned Wyoming driver knows to time these times, not drinking too much caffeine before the long legs, for example. They also know where the best stops are on those roads they most commonly travel.

Road construction is an unexpected blessing because they keep porta-potties along the highway for their road crews.

Knowing where the back roads and ditches are is a plus. Looking for trees that pop up out of a low area usually means a person can duck down in there real quick. Knowing how to get over, under, or in between a rancher's barbed wire to get to that sweet hidden spot is a learned skill.

Wyoming people know these tricks.

When we see some poor desperate soul hop out of their car on the highway and just let her rip we know, they are probably not from around here.


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