LARAMIE – It was a rough winter for Laramie streets, and the city Streets Division is on it.

City of Laramie Manager Janine Jordan said that during the month of April, the focus for streets was on potholes and working to provide Laramie residents improved road surface conditions.

“The dramatic fluctuations in temperatures paired with ample amounts of moisture created ideal conditions for pothole formations,” Jordan said.

“When water infiltrates asphalt (either by cracks or holes that have been previously patched) and then freezes, it forces out the existing asphalt and creates a hole. Traffic traveling over the area makes the problem worse.”

Jordan said that so far this year, the Street Division has used 31 tons of cold mix this fiscal year, which is the equivalent of 1,250 50-pound bags. Twenty tons alone have been used since the first of this year.

The City was fortunate enough to receive $5,000 from the “Pizza for Potholes” promotion funded by Domino’s pizza.

“This promotional award provided the City with six pallets (six tons) of cold mix that did not have to come out of the City’s maintenance budget,” Jordan said. “This material allowed us to fill 190 potholes in 106 various locations—many of the potholes took multiple bags to fill.”


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