Midtown Tavern in Cheyenne will soon begin selling new 'Pride' t-shirts. The new shirts will feature the tavern's bison logo as rainbow-colored while on one sleeve, the phrases 'Wyoming Pride' and 'Wyoming Proud' will also be seen. According to Midtown Tavern's Facebook page, all the proceeds from the new shirt's sales will go to 'Wyoming Equality', an organization striving to achieve equity for LBGTQ and Two-Spirit Wyomingites.

The new shirts are also in response to the Cheyenne biker bar, The Eagle's Nest, having sold homophobic t-shirts that promotes violence and hate speech towards gay people. Those shirts that were sold by the Eagle's Nest read, "IN WYOMING WE HAVE A CURE FOR AIDS; WE SHOOT F**K'N F****TS."

In contrast, the new 'Pride' shirts that Midtown Tavern will sell have received a great response from so many on their social media. Many have commented on the new shirts showing their love and respect for Midtown Tavern in their efforts to show support of Wyoming Equality.

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Sara Burlingame, Wyoming Equality executive director, said in a comment on Midtown Tavern's post about the Pride shirts, "Oh golly. Wow. What a thing. I can’t even tell you how surprised and grateful I am. Thank you ❤"

Wyoming Equality has also shared Midtown's Tavern post on their own Facebook page about the new shirts along with their own message:

Thank you to our new friends at Midtown tavern for stepping up- we’re so honored and grateful by how some folks are responding. You know where we’ll be this rodeo. #midtownpride

It is not currently known when exactly the shirts will go on sale or what their price is, but Midtown's Facebook page indicates the shirts are 'Coming soon!'


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