Laramie County School District#1 Superintendent John Lyttle says there are no plans to implement a drug testing program for students in local schools.

Lyttle says the idea of drug testing students active in athletic programs and other school activities makes little sense because those students are the least likely to be abusing drugs.

Lyttle says the district does take steps to catch drug users aside from testing programs.

He says principals and other district employees have been given drug recognition training to recognize the signs that a student might be using illegal drugs. He says dogs trained to sniff out illegal drugs are randomly brought in without warning to find drugs that may be stashed in student lockers or other school property.

Lyttle admits he was concerned about students using marijuana when Colorado legalized recreational pot use in 2012

But he says surprisingly the number of students caught possessing or using drugs multiple times in local schools has actually gone down by about half compared to a few years ago.