Two men involved in an armed robbery at a Cheyenne gas station early Friday morning are now behind bars.

Oregon State Police say 31-year-old Jose Lopez-Jovel of El Salvador and 30-year-old Matthew Anthony Fanelli of New Mexico were arrested Saturday evening after a pursuit near Roseburg.

The men and a woman are said to have been involved in a multi-state crime spree which began shortly after midnight Friday when Fanelli opened fire outside a strip club in Colorado Springs.

The trio fled to Denver, where they allegedly shot and killed a man while carjacking his black Cadillac sedan.

They then drove the victim's car to Cheyenne where they robbed the Loaf 'N Jug at 1922 E. Lincolnway before continuing on to Park City, Utah where they robbed a Wells Fargo, police said.

Around 5:30 p.m. Saturday, roughly 30 hours after robbing the bank, police say the men tried to carjack a vehicle from a Red Robin in Roseburg, Oregon, but were unsuccessful.

Fanelli fled, but Lopez-Jovel was left behind and arrested.

Fanelli headed south on Interstate 5, shooting at numerous vehicles before losing officers.

He then tried to carjack another car from a couple who had just arrived home, shooting and critically injuring the man and assaulting the woman.

Unsuccessful in his attempt to steal the couple's car, he fled and was later arrested.

Authorities have not provided an update on the woman who was traveling with the men.


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