Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr said Friday a proposal for a pedestrian mall in the area of the state capitol building is in its very preliminary stages at this point.

The mayor, on KGAB radio, said state officials have put forward the idea, but the basic layout of the mall as well as such fundamental questions as how much it will cost remain to be fleshed out at this point.

The mayor said it's likely the state and city would split the cost.

Mayor Orr also said she's been told there has been some discussion of locating a new Wyoming Governor's Mansion near the capitol building.

Orr says there are security concerns with the current governor's mansion. There was at least one reported incident in recent years in which an intruder was arrested at the mansion. She also said there is some discussion that a "more historical looking" building might be more appropriate to serve as the governor's residence.

You can see the mayor's comments on the pedestrian mall as well as the governor's mansion in the video with this article.

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