NOTE-The above vehicle was one of two allegedly hit by a person reported to be under the influence while driving in Cheyenne late Thursday afternoon.

A report of a drunken driver in Cheyenne eventually led to the alleged driver suffering a self-inflicted wound and being detained on Thursday afternoon.

KGAB radio's Joy Greenwald says police spokesman David Janes says a REDDI--or Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately-- was called in late Thursday afternoon at the intersection of Fox Farm and College Drive on a motorist who was driving erratically and appeared to be drunk. The man was reported to be driving a red Ford Raptor.

Janes says police received two hit and run reports not long afterward, one at Lincolnway and College and the other at Pershing and College.

The above photo is not of the suspect's vehicle, but the pickup belonging to one of the hit and run victims.

The alleged drunken driver went to an apartment complex at Cheyenne street and College Drive, where he reportedly armed himself with a knife and a gun that he had obtained from an apartment. The apartment was not believed to be that of the suspect, according to police.

But Janes said the man was wrestled to the ground by citizens who had followed the driver to the scene.

Janes says the man was taken to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center with what is believed to be some sort of self-inflicted wound. Police have so far not released the name of the suspect, but they have identified him only as a white male in his late 20s.

We will report further details on this story as they become available.

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