You know the old saying, Small Business is the backbone of the economy. If that's the case, the city of Cheyenne has a nice foundation around the backbone as the website Wallethub named Cheyenne a top small city to start a business in. That's right, Cheyenne is open for new business here.

Not only did Cheyenne make the list, but was the only city in Wyoming to make the list. Utah and Montana had several entries ahead and around Cheyenne. Washington, Utah came in as the top small city to start a business, with St. George, Utah coming in second.

So Where Did Cheyenne Place In The Top Small Cities To Start A Business List?

Cheyenne came in 12th out of 30 listed. I'll take that.

They pulled this information by checking the "friendliness" for businesses in 1,300 small cities. They looked into things like education, financing availability, and Human Resources.

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Cheyenne coming in 12th out of 1,300 small cities is a pretty incredible number. It makes Cheyenne look like the best place in the high plains to even consider putting up shop.

We also have a lot of benefits that other cities don't have. Mainly, as much as we may grumble about all the construction around town, traffic in Cheyenne is pretty easy to navigate. It makes it easier to get around and doesn't discourage you to not wanting to check out places. So, all around, Cheyenne is a great place to set up your steaks and open shop.

Cheyenne, we're open for business.

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