You may not know this, but there were many movie theaters in and around the capital city. However, many are no longer standing, but other structures are now in their place.

The McDaniel's Theatre, then located at 1613 - 1623 Pioneer, was a prestigious town theatre. James McDaniel, whom the theatre was named after, moved to Cheyenne in 1867 and was a theatre impresario.

He was known for organizing and financing operas and plays in the 19th Century, so he decided to build and operate one here.

McDaniel billed the theatre as the "Barnum of the West" and boasted of a saloon, a theater and a museum of curiosities. In the museum, visitors could view everything from a grizzly bear, a dwarf and even a visit from Tom Thumb.

Other highlights of the theatre were traveling troupes who would perform Shakespeare plays as well as operas.

As with other theatres in Cheyenne, fire consumed the theatre. He rebuilt another brick theatre and was known as the premiere theatre in Cheyenne, until the building and opening of the Cheyenne Opera House.

This is only a memory, if that, as the Jack Spiker Parking Garage stands in its place.

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