Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak says the investigation into a double homicide that happened last summer is being hampered by laboratory delays in evaluating evidence.

The July 20, 2015 shooting at The Coin Shop on West Lincolnway claimed the life of 67-year-old Dwight Brockman, who owned the business, and 76-year-old George Manley, who was a frequent customer.

The chief says the process of getting evidence evaluated has been held up by a variety of crime lab issues. He says Wyoming crime labs have been hit by the same budget cuts that have hit state government in general, slowing the process and forcing investigators to send evidence to labs in Colorado.

But he says those labs are busy as well, and in some cases have only started the process of evaluating evidence. The chief says his department has contacted labs in other states, but because of the growing demand for forensic evaluation especially of DNA evidence, there seems to be a waiting list across the country.

Kozak also says that in general lab work is getting more expensive for Wyoming law enforcement because of the fact they are having to pay private labs to do some of the work that the in-state crime labs used to do.

But the chief says he wants people to know that his department has done everything it can to catch the killer and will continue to do so.

Kozak in previous interviews has said he and his officers take the double homicide case personally and are determined to catch the killer no matter how long it takes.

The suspect in the killing has been described as a Hispanic male, standing around 5-feet and 7-inches tall and wearing a dark shirt at the time of the killings.

Two different police sketches of the suspect have been released, the second of which can been seen above.

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