City of Cheyenne
City of Cheyenne

Cheyenne City Council President Rocky Case is not pleased about comments Police Chief Brian Kozak posted on the Cheyenne Police Department Facebook page about the proposed city budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year.

Case issued the following statement on Friday evening:

"A city department head posting inaccurate and inflammatory attacks at a councilman-or any citizen-on a city Facebook page is simply unacceptable. It's further troubling that it was a law enforcement officer and that the administration will not respond to multiple requests from Council leadership to take corrective action. The budget as amended, passed unanimously with a 116,000 shortfall that was balanced on second reading with a citywide general fund hiring freeze. We believe we have found different revenue streams to account for that 116,000 likely making a hiring freeze unnecessary. We still have two more readings of the budget to get it balanced and passed"

Council President Rocky Case

The Chief's post, published earlier on Friday, included the following comments:

''On May 28th Councilmember Dicky Shanor amended the budget by freezing future police officer vacancies to fund the Downtown Development Authority (DDA). I felt it was important for the community to know how this would impact police service. We currently have two vacancies and are expecting three more in June due to retirements. Freezing these five vacancies along with the impact of military deployments and work-related injury leave will cause a 23% (26 officer) shortage in police staffing.

The chief also called the DDA a "non-critical, quasi-government agency."

Councilman Case said on Friday evening that he expects the full city council to release a statement sometime this weekend.

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