Sam's Club is hoping to be the first big box store in Cheyenne to add liquor to its line of products.

Sam's, which was unsuccessful in their bid for a retail liquor license last November, wants to purchase Cloud 9 Liquorland's license, but needs the approval of the Cheyenne City Council in order to do so.

Tom Kingham, owner of Cloud 9 Liquorland, says people can buy liquor in big box stores elsewhere in the state and says, "It's time to allow these stores to exist in Cheyenne."

"Right now we're sending revenue down the road," added Kingham. "It's time for us to key in on that revenue and get to keep it."

If the City Council approves the liquor license transfer, Sam's plans to construct an 1,800 square foot Liquor Box within its store.

But several local liquor store owners are opposed to the idea.

"They're a very good corporate and civic-minded entity, but they are not owned here," said Eddie Georges of DT's Liquor. "Liquor licenses that are owned in this community are owned by local citizens, not somebody in another state."

"You can't compete with a box store," said John O'Grady of The Peppermill Bar.

The City Council's Finance Committee will take public input on the issue when it meets on Monday, May 16 at 11:00 a.m.

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