Riders of the Cheyenne Transit Program should expect to shell out more money when they board the bus.

A 50 percent rate hike kicked in today (Tuesday), increasing the fare for students to $1.25 and the fare for adults to $1.50.

"This is the first fare increase in 27 years," said Cheyenne Transit Program Director Renae Jording.

"Fares and donations make up 8 percent of our total budget that we need to operate the transit program," added Jording.  "So this increase will hopefully bring that percentage up just a little bit to at least keep the buses operating."

Jording says they're also expanding their routes to include bus service to the new Walmart on the east side of town, as well as businesses just east of Gardenia Avenue off of Yellowstone Road and businesses on Vandehei Avenue just east of Interstate 25.

"We're going to be getting the public to places that they haven't been able to go with us before," said Jording. "So maybe that will help offset that 50 cents."

The new route changes and fare increases were approved by the Cheyenne City Council last month.

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