'Tis the season for the scamming.

The Casper Police Department reminds people to be vigilant for telephone, internet, and email scams during this holiday period, detective John Hatcher said in a news release.

Police recently received two separate reports from citizens who told officers an unknown caller claimed to be from the "Casper Utilities Collection Department."

The caller told the citizens their utility bills were due and they should call a number that is not legitimate.

Police warn citizens not to call this number nor conduct any financial transactions with someone calling with this message. The department is investigating these incidents

The City of Casper does send out delinquent utility bill notices in the mail.  If payment is not received, then an automated phones message is sent to the delinquent citizen.

If you receive an automated voice message and are unsure if it is legitimate, contact the city's finance division at (307) 235-8400. Do not respond to or call any phone number except for this one.

Call central dispatch at 235-8278 you encounter this or similar scams.

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