On Tuesday, the Casper Police department received a report of a man walking around threateningly with a gun.

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According to the Natrona County Sheriff's Office, the man, 35-year-old James Murphy, was walking around with a gun after getting a call from his mother that her dog had been killed by another dog.

Earlier, when the mother had been walking her two dogs, Lucy and Oreo, they had encountered a German Shepherd who had broken its collar and began attacking Lucy, a Papillon.

After the two dogs had been separated, Oreo, believed by Metro Animal Services to be a black and white Pomeranian mix, began attacking the German Shepherd, which caused those dogs to attack each other, resulting in the German Shepherd killing Oreo.

The mother then called Murphy, who said he was going to find the German Shepheard and kill it.

According to the sheriff's office, Murphy then went back to his home and got his 9mm pistol and a shoulder holster, and then began walking around and saying "where is this bitch? I'm going to kill her," in reference to the dog.

Metro Animal Services initially received a report of the two dogs fighting, and then 10 minutes later, Casper Police received a call about Murphy walking around threatening people with a gun.

K2 Radio News spoke to Murphy who said he never unholstered his handgun.

According to the Casper Police, the German Shepheard was immediately surrendered to Metro Animal Services, and the owners received a citation for having a vicious animal by Animal Protection Officers, which is a part of the Casper Police Department.

The sheriff's office are investigating the matter due to a conflict of interest with a member of the Casper Police and the German Shepherd.

Murphy received a citation for breach of peace and had his gun taken away as evidence.

This article has been updated to reflect clarifications from the Casper Police Department. 

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