City of Cheyenne and Laramie County officials are trying to figure out how to continue their nearly 50-year partnership with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, Mayor Patrick Collins said Friday.

Collins says the shelter -- which took over operations from the local "dog pound" in 1974, and in the early 80s reached an agreement with the city and county to also take over animal control services -- is asking for more money so it can pay the bills and meet its mission.

"The City and County understand and want to help, but the stark reality of our budget situation makes the numbers hard for us to meet," Collins said in his Mayor's Minute column.

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"The CAS is asking for a million dollars more annually in the budget we will pass in two years," Collins added. "Frankly we don’t think we will have the dollars."

Collins says the three entities met last Friday, Aug. 6, to discuss how to move forward with contract negotiations, and are scheduled to meet again in a month.

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