Cheyenne native Landon Brown has announced his candidacy for Wyoming House District 9.

The 29-year-old currently works for the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality as the state's Small Business Environmental Assistance Program and Pollution Prevention Coordinator.

Brown is entering the race at a time when Wyoming is facing a complex set of issues, including declining tax revenues associated with the mineral industry and budgetary constraints on state agencies.

He says Wyoming needs to continue to diversify its economy and control its spending.

"This is a strategic shift in how Wyoming will operate for the next 8 to 10 years," said Brown. "We need to ensure Wyoming's future is safe by providing high-quality education for our children including attracting and retaining highly qualified teachers in this state."

"I feel that we can look individually at a programmatic level of our state agencies and find savings much easier than slashing budgets across the board," added Brown. "An across the board approach can be ineffective and we need to work with agency directors to identify the return on the investments that the citizens of Wyoming are paying for."

Brown is currently the only Republican to have announced for the open seat, which is being vacated by Representative Dave Zwonitzer.

Courtesy: Landon Brown
Courtesy: Landon Brown

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