Around the late evening hours of August 15, or the early morning hours of August 16,   50 year old Donald Orr shot and killed pregnant 22 year old Carlene D. Brown and then took his own life.


On August 16th, around 11:09 a.m. the Washakie County Sheriff’s Office was called to 342 Highway 20 North to conduct a welfare check on a female subject who was reported to be living at that address, according to a press release from the Washakie County Sheriff’s Office.


Deputies responded to the scene and attempted to make contact with the female subject at a residence located on the west side of the property at 342 Highway 20 North. 


Deputies received no response from the residence and inquiries were made to on-site employees about the location of the female subject and they indicated she should be in the residence, with her boyfriend. 


Once again deputies attempted to make contact, with no response. It was determined that entry be made into the home and deputies breached the front door, which was heavily barricaded. 

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Upon entry into the home, deputies located two deceased bodies. One person, the victim, was identified as Carlene D. Brown. 


She died of four gun-shot wounds. The Coroner also determined that  Brown was pregnant at the time of her passing. 


The second person, the suspect, was identified as Donald M. Orr. He died from a self-inflicted gun-shot wound to the head. 

Upon further investigation by the Washakie County Sheriff’s Office and the Washakie County Coroner’s Office, it was determined that on or around the late evening hours of August 15, or the early morning hours of August 16, Donald Orr shot and killed Brown and then took his own life. 


No other suspect(s) were involved with this case and there was no threat or safety hazard to the public.


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