This time of quarantine can be a challenging time for all of us, but it's definitely a challenge for women dealing with bored husbands. One lady would probably say "amen" as her husband just invented a self-powered Amish buggy.

This poor lady is quarantined with a bored man who has too much time on his hands based on this video she shared.

I've never heard of an Amish buggy that is powered with anything other than a horse, but this bored guy inspired me to look deeper. Sure enough, there was another bored man about 7 years ago that made one that runs on solar power.

That's not all. One genius man made an Amish buggy with a jet engine.

There you go, ladies. More evidence proving how the male mind works. Let's hope for the sanity of all of us that this quarantine era we're in doesn't last much longer.

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