After 34 years of being with Wyoming Public Radio, Wyoming is about to lose Bob Beck to New York. On Monday, Beck, news director of Wyoming Public Radio announced that he plans to retire in October, and will be relocating to Syracuse with his fiancee, who’s accepted a job with the State University of New York.


Beck started his career back in high school, where he covered a few local sports games with WETN, a radio station affiliated with Wheaton College, where he is from.

We may not believe it but Beck said that he was terrible back then. But it was still a lot of fun for him.

He then went on to major in radio-television at the Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. A position at the radio station KROE in Sheridan was what brought him to Wyoming and then joined Wyoming Public Radio in 1988, where at the time, he was the only professional newscaster there. His team consisted of four to five interns and part-time staffers.

Slowly but surely, the station was able to build up its staff and expand its programming, all under Beck's guidance. Throughout his time. Beck has become intimately familiar with Wyoming and its people.

“Covering Wyoming is unique, a big small town in many ways,” he said. “And so you do tend to know the people you’re covering pretty well.”

After going at it for such a long time, Beck's not sure what he'll do when he retires. He might pursue some hobbies, get involved with a nonprofit or politics, or maybe even return to his roots: local sports broadcasting. Whatever it is, he says that he is going to take it easy for a while.


Beck still has a couple more months before October rolls around. Wyoming Public Radio listeners will be able to catch him on the air a few more times. The station has not announced who will fill in Beck's shoes yet.

As Beck's former intern, I would like to thank him for everything he has done, and for teaching me so much during my internship period. Have fun in Syracuse! Wyoming will surely miss you!

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