In May, Laramie Live reported that Bluepeak had broken ground on a new Fiber Optic internet source for the Gem City. The project began in earnest after the groundbreaking ceremony. To date, Bluepeak continues expanding the fiber optic cables throughout the city via construction projects coordinated with the City of Laramie.

So, when can Laramie residents expect access to Bluepeak's Fiber Optic internet? Laramie Live sat down with Amil Anderson, Bluepeak Senior Communications Specialist located in Laramie.

Mr. Anderson noted that the current construction projects for Bluepeak are the area North of Downey Street between 9th and 15th and south of Reynolds Street between 15th and 22nd. Construction will move North of Reynolds Street between 15th St.and 22nd St., with a completion target for the end of September.

Recently, a complaint came before the Laramie City Council regarding Bluepeak's construction causing unnecessary damage to a Laramie resident's property. Bluepeak assured Laramie residents in a public statement received by Laramie Live that "[they] understand the construction phase of this work can be disruptive to everyday life, but we're committed to doing everything we can to minimize any impact." And went on to apologize to the resident for the damage to the property.

Mr. Anderson added that Bluepeak would restore all private property to its original condition if any damage incurs during construction. He said that "Bluepeak is actively working with the City to address more complex construction challenges in certain areas as they arise."

When asked to comment on the duration of the construction and an estimate on when the rest of Laramie can expect access to Bluepeak's services, Mr. Anderson stressed that the construction of fiber optic is, by nature, time-consuming. That said, Laramie residents can find out more about when Bluepeak will become available to their homes by visiting

For more information on Bluepeak coming to Laramie, click here.


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