With all of the winter weather warnings, advisories, snow, ice and freezing temperatures, it can sure make driving in Wyoming a challenge.

Many times, I-80, I-25 and other roads may be closed due to weather conditions and black ice. Here are five things to know about that sneaky roadway beast called black ice.

  1. Prevention Helps - Should you be on any of the Laramie County or Wyoming roadways, where there is a potential for black ice, consider this: Keep your distance, slow down and travel at a safe speed, keep your windows clear and headlights on, starting in the afternoon. Should you encounter black ice on the roads, these tips will hopefully help to keep you and your family safe.
  2. What Is Black Ice? Light freezing rain, fog, or snow that's been blown across a road can cause a light layer or glaze on the roadway giving the thin ice a "black" appearance. This happens because of the clarity of the ice on the black roadway or highway. Another reason why it blends with the road surface, is because no bubbles are formed under the icy surface.
  3. Where To Find Black Ice - Some places to keep and eye on and slow down around are, but not limited to, bridges, under bridges and over passes. These areas on the road tend to freeze much faster than roadways that have ground underneath them. Also, open areas where the wind blows snow onth the road, which then can melt and freeze.
  4. How To Identify Black Ice -  That's the tricky part. When you're driving on the road and trying to spot black ice can be a bit of a challenge. That is one reason why you need to be aware of temperatures and weather forecasts before traveling. However, during the right lighting conditions, you may be able to spot black ice on the roadways. Remember, it is smooth and "glossy", so if the road is dull, then there is probably not much need to worry. But if the road looks like a freshly painted, black Camaro, that's when it can become a big problem. Just something to think about.
  5. How Many Deaths Are due To Icy Roads - According to IcyRoadSafety.com, icy roads kill approximately two times the number of people yearly, than all other weather hazards combined. According to one report, 10 people in Wyoming died due to icy road conditions in 2010.
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