Today, Meteorologist Cory Reppenhagen posted about an odd phenomenon he noticed in the Cache le Poudre River near Windsor: odd foam ice circles formed in the water. See them for yourself right here:

Is it a weird weather phenomenon? Aliens? All of the above? No, it turns out that this is a natural occurrence when the temperature is just right, called 'pancake ice'.

The Weather Channel describes pancake ice as follows:

Pancake ice can begin as a thin ice layer (known as grease ice) or slush on the water surface, which accumulates into quasi-circular disks. The "lily pad," or raised-edge appearance of pancake ice, can form when each disk bumps up against one another, or when slush splashes onto and then freezes on the slab's edge.

Sorry, lovers of extra-terrestrials...this myth has been debunked.

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