Bill Gern, the University of Wyoming’s vice president for research and economic development, has been appointed to the Advisory Council for the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Ann Hagan, NIGMS associate director for extramural activities, said being selected for the council is a great honor. According to Hagan, the NIGMS council is “composed of leaders in the biological and medical sciences, education, health care and public affairs.”

NIGMS is primarily funded by the National Institutes of Health and supports fundamental research that leads to increased understanding of biological processes and advances in disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. NIGMS also provides national leadership in training the next generation of scientists, enhancing diversity in the scientific workforce and developing the nation’s research capacity, according to a UW news release.

NIGMS funds investigations into how living systems function at various levels of scales and complexities -- for example, from molecules and cells to tissues, whole organisms and populations.

Gern’s four-year term starts this month, and his inaugural council meeting is Jan. 26-27. The council’s roles are to perform the second level of peer review for research and research training grant applications assigned to NIGMS; offer advice and recommendations on policy, program development, implementation and evaluation; and advise on other matters of significance to the NIGMS.

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