Wyoming Senator John Barrasso this week compared President Biden and Senate Majority Floor Leader Chuck Shumer to the lead characters in the 1991 film "Thelma and Louise."

In a Facebook post this week, Barrasso wrote the following:

''People are actually feeling poorer because their dollars don't go as far and President Joe Biden doesn't seem to get it. Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer are like Thelma and Louise heading straight over the cliff. The American people deserve better than what this admin is providing them.''

The "over the cliff" comment is an apparent reference to the end of the movie, in which the lead characters, played by Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, drive their car over a cliff into the Grand Canyon to commit suicide as law enforcement is closing in on them. In a video on the Facebook post, Barrasso says people are feeling "stuck, stressed, squeezed" by inflation that keeps wages falling farther and farther behind inflation.

Barrasso says the Biden administration and congressional Democrats are to blame for the inflation, which some economists have described as being the worst in 40 years.

Barrasso cited an ABC News/Washington Post poll showing that over 90 percent of Americans are concerned about higher prices. ''Joe Biden and this administration don't seem to get it," said Barrasso.

Barrasso, who was a Casper physician prior to being elected to the Senate in 2006, is Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference.

You can see the entire video that was posted to his Facebook page earlier this week below.

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