I have discovered something that can't be stopped by the ongoing pandemic. It's the internet coming up with "best of" lists. A new one has declared Bar Nunn and Douglas among the best places to live in Wyoming.

You can thank the snarky people at Homesnacks for this new list. They have used home values, low crime, and a high quality of life as their methodology to decide which cities are winners and the ones that aren't.

With the numbers crunched, Douglas comes in as the 8th best place to live in Wyoming. They show Douglas being over 48% below the national average when it comes to crime with cost of living being right at the average. It appears they also give a bit of extra credit to Douglas over their state fair hosting. Their quote for Douglas is hilarious:

Your kids go to great schools, there's a ton of things to do, and you earn a great salary. Douglas is exactly what you hoped for when you played that board game, LIFE as a kid.

Bar Nunn is listed as the 9th best place to live. Affordability and housing seem to get higher than average marks, while amenities aren't shown as a plus. Check out their quote for why Bar Nunn made the list and see if you agree:

It ranked highly because of its high incomes (2nd overall) and low crime (26th overall and one of the best in the top ten).We think the city should probably change its motto at this point to something like "The Place To Be In Wyoming".

What do you think? Should Douglas and Bar Nunn get this nod?

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