A full moon will make for a spooky backdrop on October 31st to make your Halloween that much more creepy. Why wouldn't you expect that in 2020?

Tonight, we'll get our first full moon of the month (a Harvest Moon) if you're wanting to get out and take a peek. Hopefully, it won't be too smokey. But on Halloween night, a 'Blue Moon' will take place. No, that doesn't mean that the moon will turn blue. I know it's 2020, but it won't get that crazy. If you do see the moon turn blue, you may have some other problems. But no, a second full moon during any given month is considered a 'Blue Moon' and that's what we'll be getting on October 31st.

Blue Moons appear usually once in about two and a half to three years, hence, the phrase, 'once in a blue moon'. So it'll definitely be an interesting setting for this already creepy Halloween.

Maybe you'll want to celebrate it by drinking a 'Blue Moon' (the beer). I mean, it will be Halloween, so it's a festive time. Of course, I mentioned that the Blue Moon will make Halloween that much more creepy since it's already creepy, not because it's Halloween, but because it's 2020, when everything horrible that you can imagine seems to actually happen.

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