Are there City regulations on the flying of unmanned aerial devices (drones) within the City of Laramie? What recourse do homeowners have when there are drones hovering over their houses and photographing their otherwise private backyards?


Currently, there are no City or State regulations for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Recently, the Federal government implemented limited regulations regarding the registration of UAVs, areas where UAVs cannot be operated (flight space around airports), and elevation restrictions. As with other aircraft, viewing open spaces such as backyards or other private property from the air is not regulated if those sight paths are being viewed by citizens. Currently the same holds true for police; however, in the 2015 Wyoming legislative session, consideration was given to limit the use of UAVs by police. That legislation did not pass. 
More information on the Federal rules governing UAVs can be found at:
If you have additional questions you can call the Laramie Police Department at 721.3547.

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