As someone that completely lacks any artistic ability, I am often fascinated by those that DO have the creative gene.

Wyoming artist and jewelry designer Stephanie Howell of S. Howell Studios recently shared a video of how she creates beautiful unique jewelry from Wyoming plants, and I found it fascinating.

First, I have to say that I was completely blown away at how stunning and delicate the jewelry is.

Someone needs to mention to my husband that the cuff Howell is wearing in the video would be perfect for under the Christmas tree ;)

Second, her whole process is fascinating.

Howell beings by pressing the plants into clay to get an impression and then uses a wax casting technique to create what she calls "handmade metal fossils".

When writing about the process Howell said, "Seeing the leaves or flowers in silver for the first time is probably the most magical part. I have a pretty good idea of what they’ll look like, but there’s this excitement that comes during that stage of creation."

You can see more of her finished jewelry by following her on Instagram.

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No two lupine buds are exactly alike. I could study them for hours.😍

A post shared by Stephanie Howell (@showellstudios) on

I also love how she takes the time on her Instagram feed to really show the steps of how her art is formed and pictures of how the beauty of Wyoming inspires her art.

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