On Monday, March 21st Wyoming men's basketball coach Larry Shyatt announced his retirement. Here is my open letter to Coach Shy...

Coach Shyatt,

On behalf of Wyoming fans everywhere - thank you, for coming back to Laramie!

While fans in this state will always be true to the brown and gold, we understand that occasionally we are viewed as a "stepping stone" in a coaches journey. The University of Wyoming is not where coaches go to get rich or be in the spotlight, but it is where they have the opportunity to gain a faithful family. 

After the 97-98 season and at trip to the NIT, you could have called your time at Wyoming good. But you understood why this is a special place. It speaks volumes to your character that you would want to return to this place and spend more time building a quality program. 

The last five years have meant four trips to the post season, and a Mountain West Conference Tournament championship. But more importantly, they have meant the student athletes at UW have had an amazing coach, teacher, and friend. 

When I have the opportunity to interview you, you've always been gracious and fair. Plus, you have to be the only coach in the NCAA who ends press conferences by telling local media members "If you guys need anything please call." 

You have made Cowboy basketball not only fun again, but relevant in the NCAA national picture. 

Thank you for all you have done, best of luck in your future endeavors, and here's to Wyoming basketball forever remaining Aggressive, Discipline, and Unselfish. Go Pokes!


Jerrad Anderson  

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