The Albany County Sheriff’s office have announced the newest addition to their office, the K9 Samson.

Cpl. Jeremy Huston said he and Samson, a 3-year-old German Shepard, recently completed the K9 basic academy on June 10. Cpl. Huston said he was interested when he heard a position came open for a K9 handler and he put in a letter of interest. He said he was selected after an interview with the current K9 team.

Huston said he is looking forward to having Samson as his new partner. Samson will aid Huston with drug detection, tracking, and criminal apprehension

“It’s a great assignment and it’s really cool having a partner riding around with you all day, doing what you do," Huston said.

Huston said K9’s can be incredibly helpful to county deputies who often are far from any backup.

“K9’s are truly force multipliers,” Huston said. “He’s in the back seat, anytime I need him I can get him out. It’s been a joy having him so far.”

Huston said Samson will join the two other K9’s currently in place at the Albany County Sheriff’s office, Thor and Luger.

Huston said that the addition of Samson to the office, as well as all of Samson's gear, was paid for by contributions to the Rob DeBree Memorial Fund.

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