The Laramie office of the Albany County Republican Party was vandalized, with an item of furniture inside of the office being set on fire. The damage was discovered early this morning on September 6th, and was believed to have been caused late on the night of September 5th.

Ben McKay, Chairman of the Albany County Republican Party said that the damage appears to be minimal, and is definitely not as bad as it could have been.

"One of our executive committee members was called by our landlord. Luckily the fire didn't spread, luckily no one was injured," McKay said. "Everyone's safe and it was localized to our building and didn't damage the historic structures down there."

Laramie Police and Fire are still on-scene at the time of reporting, and declined to give a comment until they have more information to give.


McKay said that the act was disheartening to find. "First and foremost, I think that anytime someone's willing to endanger human life, it's really sad. It breaks my heart that people think they need to go to this extent to show how much they disagree with someone else. "

This story is still developing, we will update it as more information becomes available.

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