According to’s “Best Food City In Every State,” Wyoming’s best food is in Jackson. Okay, it maybe it would be in the proposed state of Absaroka. Here's part of Thrillist's arguement.

Jackson recently hosted a reunion for super-lauded chefs who cut their teeth working in the town of about 10,000 full-time residents … That means insane New American fare at Trio, steaks at the extremely iconic Snake River Grill, ... the futuristic The Kitchen … and that's before we get into the ski dives and the Thai Me Up/Melvin Brewery … Maybe it's the mountain views.

Maybe it’s that Thrillist is from sea level and not used to the altitude.

Actually, perhaps I’m too harsh because Jackson's dining does sound fine (for their residents who can support those menus).

If you suspect, however, Thrillist got a little pre-occupied with 49 other cities, we smell what each other are cooking. Maybe the judges of the best food cities have “tastes” that are just more like a Jackson chef than tastes in the rest of the Cowboy State.

Still, it may be fun to see some of the other state’s food cities. For instance if you’re wondering if there’s any way Louisiana can possibly get any better than in New Orleans, well, you can see here we don't disagree on that. And if you love Cajun food, yourself, try the gumbo at The Rib and Chop House in CheyenneCody, Gillette  or Sheridan.

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