45 years after he passed away, Colonel Pat Murray is remembered as one of Wyoming's greatest fans and most colorful characters.

According to the Ryan Thorburn biography "Lost Cowboys: The Story of Bud Daniel and Wyoming Baseball", Murray's love for sports began as a child.

He competed as a pole vaulter in the 1912 Summer Olympics before joining the Army and eventuallly earning the rank of Artillery Colonel.

After retiring from active duty service, Murray became an ardent supporter of the University of Wyoming baseball team.

In the spring of 1958, he led the first of many "Cowboy Caravan" road trips, following the team through California and Arizona. Murray's trusty Cadillac was a fixture at Wyoming baseball games for years.

In addition to serving as the team scorekeeper, Murray entertained the athletes with his amazing stories and card tricks. While in his early 80's, he even suffered a hernia trying to teach a player how to run the bases.

By 1971, the Colonel's health had continued to decline and Murray was visited in the hosptital by his close friend, legendary Wyoming baseball coach Bud Daniel.

According to Daniel's account, on his death bed, Murray summoned up the energy to sit up and pinch his wife "on the backside".

United States Army Colonel Pat Murray was laid to rest next to the 5th hole at the F.E. Warren Air Force Base golf course in Cheyenne.



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