Townsquare Media, and its affiliate stations have been involved in setting up various events with Dorian Layton.  Upon news of a pending investigation into Dorian Layton's family, General Manager, Bob Price issued the following statement:

"Our news room has brought to me a series of disturbing facts about the situation surrounding a young boy who has touched all our hearts – Dorian Layton.

We are lead to believe at this moment that his challenges might not be as severe as first portrayed. While it is certain that Dorian has a brain tumor, new information suggests that it might not be as life-threatening as family members have described.

First, let me say that if this innocent boy who has charmed so many of us is in fact not facing a terminal illness, we could not be happier for him. However, in reference to those who may have misrepresented his condition we have worked and continue to work with local authorities and they are moving forward with their investigation of any possible wrongdoing.”

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