A Virginia woman is dead following a rollover crash during a Monday hail storm on Interstate 80.

Jacqueline McGraw, 81, died despite wearing her seat belt, according to a crash report from the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

McGraw was eastbound in a Ford Explorer on I-80 near milepost 384, not far from Pine Bluffs, shortly after 3:30 p.m. Monday. Less than a minute before the crash, a sudden hail storm began and hail accumulated on the road surface.

Ahead of the Explorer, two vehicles in either lane lost control and started sliding sideways. The driver of the Explorer steered toward the median to avoid crashing into those other vehicles.

The driver of the Explorer lost control and the vehicle entered the median, still eastbound. The vehicle slid further into the median, where it rolled once and came to rest on the driver's side.

Two others were injured in the crash, though they were not identified in the report.

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