Some of you are probably thinking, 'I know when it's spring. Grass is getting green again. Birds are chirping.' Well sure but that was all of five minutes ago.

Here are a few ways to know for sure that it is spring in Wyoming.

1). You went for a walk on a sunny day, got one mile down the road and wonder why you didn't think to bring a heavy coat and your snow shoes.

2). Your stubborn neighbor continues to mow his lawn even as a snow storm suddenly buries it.

3). The wind is worse than it was in December.

4). You decide to just keep the Easter eggs white. They will be harder to find that way.

5). In short, the weather suckers you outside and BAM it's winter again. You go back inside, turn around and look out, and it's sunny and warm.

6). You know it is spring in Wyoming when you decide that Mother Nature is a cruel and evil woman.

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