1. They won 25 games and a Mountain West Tournament crown! How often do we get to say that in Wyoming? It was one of the best years in recent history.
  2. They care - At the press conference following the loss Larry Nance Jr., Riley Grabau, and Charles Hankerson could not get the tears out of their eyes. If you think it hurts being a fan, these kids are down too.
  3. They're great guys. Being able to be around them this season has been a blast. Not just because they've won a lot of games. The personality of all of these guys is unbelievable. That goes for the coaching staff too.
  4. Wyoming fans still dominated. The scoreboard may have been lopsided, but there was more brown and gold in the stands than any other team in the morning session. 
  5. Because who else can we root for? There's one team that competes at a nationally level in Wyoming. And even though they frustrate us sometimes - true fans will always root for the Pokes!

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