If the wind in Wyoming were a person, he would be misunderstood. We will call him Joe Blow. For every attempt to be courteous, Joe leaves the wrong impression. He tries just a little too much, and people believe he has a temper. Joe truly wants to be a likable guy, but he rubs people the wrong way.

  • Likes to help put leaves in a pile


    Joe likes to pitch in when he can. He blows leaves or snow into a pile. The problem is he leaves the mounds in all the wrong places. Catch my drift? Plus he rarely finishes a job.

  • Like to help close the car door


    Joe is very chivalrous. Whenever he gets a chance, he likes to open or close the door for a lady. He will help other gentlemen when they have their hands full, too. The problem is Joe's strength, and people claim that Joe has torn doors off their hinges. Say it ain't so Joe.

  • Does pro bono work as tree trimmer


    When Joe was in college, he had a job with an arborist. His boss kept him in line back then, and it was a profitable gig. Unmanaged, Joe is quite la-di-da at everything. So these days he randomly cuts down branches or even trees whenever and wherever. Rarely does he ask permission as it is pro bono in his mind, and he is free of any payment due or responsibility.

  • Likes to party but gets too rowdy


    It's cute when the cat does it. But when Joe knocks something over, no one thinks it is adorable. This makes Joe sad then he drinks. That compounds the problem. When drunk, he gets rowdy and starts knocking over trashcans and yard decorations.

  • Always wanted to be a hairdresser


    Ever since Joe was a child, he wanted to style hair, although he is an awful stylist. That didn't stop him from dreaming about being on one of those reality TV shows. It would be called "Blown Away." Joe's father put a stop to that hair cutting nonsense at once. Dad gave him a toolbox on his next birthday, and suffice to say Joe is now a mechanic. He still tries to "help" people do their hair to this day.

  • Don't Let Me Be Missunderstood

    Joe's favorite song. Yes, he is into disco.