Tens of thousands of hungry Cheyenne Frontier Days visitors from all over the world are expected to descend on the Depot Plaza next Monday, Wednesday and Friday to feast on free flapjacks.

Started as an emergency preparedness drill in 1952, the three free CFD pancake breakfasts are not only a much-loved tradition, they are a chance for the Kiwanis Club to show Civil Defense just how many people they can feed in a short period of time.

The single-day record was registered during the Wednesday, July 24, 1996, feeding frenzy, where 16,897 people were served. The weekly record was broken that same year, when 39,111 were fed in a combined serving time of eight hours and ten minutes.

"We would obviously love a shot at breaking those records," said CFD Indians Chairman Bobby Mathews. "The ballpark planning is around 10,000 for Monday, 15,000 for Wednesday and 10,000 on Friday."

This year, volunteers will serve up more than 100,000 pancakes along with 630 pounds of butter and 475 gallons of syrup, 3,000 pounds of ham, 9,200 cartons of milk and 520 gallons of coffee.

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