Wyoming Cowboys had 8 wins, and 3 of them had fabulous finishes, but at the beginning of the 2016 season, they were picked dead last. Let's go back and remember 3 amazing game changing plays.

Sat, Sept 3 vs Northern Illinois was a late kickoff that got later after a weather delay, and went way late into triple overtime. Brian Hill was running all over the field, but Josh Allen ran all over the field on one play, with a dive into the end zone. Wyoming won 40-34. It was The Cowboys first OT win since 2013.

Sat, Oct 29 vs #13 Boise State, maybe all we need here are two words: "Safety Dance." After 30-28, running out the clock was so sweet.

Sat, Nov 19 vs San Diego State, after the suspense of a reviewed incomplete pass call stood up, the Aztecs still got into the end zone on the last millisecond. Rocky Long had them go for 2 to win, while an extra point would have gotten them into overtime, but it was 34-33 Pokes. Antonio Hull knocked down that attempt, and we still can't believe they went for it.

The Border War victory was not included here because there was no close finish. We just flat beat CSU 38-17.

Go Pokes!

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